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I'm starting a new 16-team, 55-man roster, IDP, salary cap league, with high variance QB scoring (makes top QBs valuable without needing to go to SF), TE-premium, big play IDP scoring using True Position designations (DI, Edge, Stack LB).  The scoring and lineup setup is designed to allow multiple ways to build a strong team, which greatly increases strategy.

The league is also designed to mimic the NFL as much as possible.  Free agency, exclusive rights free agents, restricted free agents, franchise/transition tags, a 7-round rookie draft with compensatory picks, 5th year options, contract extensions, front loading, and restructuring.  If it's part of a NFL GM's roster building tools, then I tried to incorporate it into the league rules while still keeping in mind the strategy aspects of the FF game.

But wait, there's more.  There is also a "game within the game" profit/loss feature.  Each team will have revenue streams such as home game gait receipts and television contracts, and expenses such as player contracts and stadium improvements.  Winning games will create more fan excitement and greater game day revenue while losing will do the opposite, also stadium improvements will create higher profit margins when you're winning, but will require significant investment.  1/3 of the league prizes will be reserved for the most profitable teams.

You can check out the league settings and rules here  (league graphics coming soon)

I have another league with these rules and everyone loves it.  But I kept the dues low because the rules were experimental (especially the financial aspect), and the general consensus was that this was a mistake.  These leagues require a significant time commitment, and thus the dues should be set accordingly.  So annual dues for this league are set at $125, and if you trade away a future draft pick or push cap money into future years via a contract restructure then you need to deposit $75 towards future dues.  Typically, owners have 1 of 2 responses to joining one of my leagues.  They either quit after a year stating that it was way more work than they anticipated (which is always disappointing since I try to warn everyone of this at the start), or they tell me they're dropping a bunch of other generic dynasty leagues in order to give the time to my league that it deserves (which is the correct answer).

I have a little over half the league filled with strong, committed owners who like to wheel and deal and are active in league chats.  If you think of yourself as the same, and are up to the challenge of owning and managing an NFL franchise (without having a billion dollars lying around), then contact me.  Email to or find me on Twitter @RyanAEarly

I've also published my ideas on advanced FF league design here.  So you can rest assured that a LOT of thought, and experience, has gone into creating this league.


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