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There is an opening in our Build A Legend Dynasty. It's a 12 Team PPR Superflex up and running since 2011 - entering our TENTH year. We also use Victory Points system for our standings:

Every week, your team can get up to 4 VP's as follows:
A win = 2 VP
A tie = 1 VP
A loss = 0 VP
Top 4 scoring teams = 2 VP
Middle 4 scoring teams = 1 VP
Lowest 4 scoring teams = 0 VP

Full League Rules can be found here:


The full roster can be found here:

The open team has all of it's 2020 Draft picks 1.08, 2.08, 3.08 and 4.08. 

QB has bright, young assets in Daniel Jones and Drew Lock with Phillip Rivers to flex in for now. RB is the strong point of the team with Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, David Johnson, along with Raheem Mostert and Matt Brieda. I would say WR and TE is the position of need here but you do have Curtis Samuel as a starting piece and Tyrell Williams and Marvin Jones can be serviceable while you attack the position in the draft and trades. The 49ers D was the #3 scoring team in the league last season. 

If interested, you are free to respond here. Thank you all. 

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