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Highly Competitive - $200 Upfront, $100 Per Season - 16 team, 53 man roster, IDP Dynasty, NFL Mock League - Contracts, Free agency, Franchise Tags, Etc.

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Hello and Welcome to The NFFL 2.0


The NFFL 2.0 is an IDP dynasty league that has been designed to simulate the experience of being a real life NFL GM/Coach as closely as possible.


The league will be comprised of 16 teams split up into 2 conferences each containing 2 divisions

(for a total of 4 divisions each containing 4 teams)


Rosters will be comprised of 53 total players

11 starting offensive players and 11 starting defensive players


Roster configurations, free agency, contracts, salary cap, franchise tags, IR, yearly rookie drafts will all be set to simulate the "GM" experience as close as possible


Scoring will designed to be as in depth and realistic as we can possibly get, thereby making your decision making as a coach extremely important


This league is for serious and committed players only

I am looking to get a group of guys (and gals) together who plan to be in this thing for the long haul

A group of individuals as passionate about fantasy and football as I am

I am looking to create the "real" NFL GM/Coach experience I and others have been craving to be a part of / have a taste of


If you would like to get more information, please reach out to me at

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