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Dynasty Trade Question - Dalvin Cook vs. Joe Mixon


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I'm in 12 team PPR league and I'm debating on whether to give up Cook, which whom is my centerpiece of my roster.   If you were me with this roster, would you give up 1.12, Cook, and Jarvis Landry for 1.03, Mixon, and TJ Hockenson? 

I understand Cook will continue to be the centerpiece of Vikings offense now since Kubiak has been returned as OC.  And he seems to be motivated to get 2,000 scrimmage yards.  On the other hands, I also like Mixon and I realize Bengals' OL isn't great.  However, he's durable and bigger back whereas Cook has injury history.  Which RB would you rather have?


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I would rather have Cook. Yes he has an injury history but that offence runs through him. Now that Diggs is gone I feel it will result in Cook being used even more in the passing game.

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This is a tough one.  I like Mixon better, but like Cook's situation even more.  Do you believe there is that much value difference between the 1.3 and 1.12 pick?  If so, I might be tempted to make the trade. I've always shied away from those guys with a major injury history.  

If you go by the dynasty rankings, this trade might look something like this...

Cook, Landry, Shenault/Akers/Mims


Mixon, Hockensen, Swift/Lamb/Taylor 

Given that you've got Howard and Goedert at TE, I think I lean towards the Cook side.

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