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Dispersal Draft, 12-team PPR, $50

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Looking for 2 owners to replace two vacant teams. Hosted on MyFantasyLeague, league chat via GroupMe app

League Fees: $50 through LeagueSafe (majority approval payout)

Payout:  Bonus Pool, Every 4th season:                 Every other season:

               Champ: $354.04                                           Champ: $602.07

               2nd place: $50                                              2nd Place: $100

               Highest Points Scorer: $20                         Highest Points Scorer: $40

Starting Lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, K

Roster: 25 players, 5-man Taxi Squad (1st-2nd year players), 5 IR slots

Dispersal Draft: The 2 owners who take over the abandoned teams will have a draft consisting of the players and draft picks from the teams that were previously vacant as well as any free agents. The goal of the dispersal draft is to allow new owners to build and design their team how they want to design their team. The dispersal draft can be cancelled if BOTH owners of the new teams wish to keep their current rosters

Team 1 Roster, Draft Picks: 2020 5.01, 2021 Round 3, 2021 Round 4, 2021 Round 5, 2021 Round 1, 2021 Round 2, 2021 Round 3, 2021 Round 3, 2021 Round 4

Team 2 RosterDraft Picks: 2020 4.01, 2020 4.02, 2021 Round 1, 2021 Round 2, 2021 Round 4, 2021 Round 5, 2021 Round 5, 2022 Round 1, 2022 Round 2, 2022 Round 3, 2022 Round 4, 2022 Round 5

Free Agents

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