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$300 Auction League Drafting Online even years / MEETS IN PERSON in LAS VEGAS for draft odd years

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We are looking for a couple very committed owners to join us for a high stakes league that will draft LIVE in LAS VEGAS every other year.  

·      WEBSITE:

·      ENTRY FEE: $300 per year paid as follows : $450 (League Safe) ODD YEARS ONLINE ($150 is held as deposit for Even year) and $150 (League Safe) EVEN YEARS IN VEGAS

·      GROUP ME: yes the league has a GM media

·      2020 ONLINE DRAFT:  begins AUG 22, 2020 (Sat)

·      2021 VEGAS DRAFT: AUG 30. 2021 (Mon)


Email co-commissioners at: to join and please include your full name, team name, and email address. Thanks!

For several years the co-commissioner and I have been tossing around an idea of a LIVE AUCTION in person draft in Vegas.  Last year we launched that league with great success and we were preparing for the in Person LIVE draft in Vegas to happen this year, but then the pandemic happened and derailed our schedule.  Last year we ran our first on-line email draft, we incorporated a GroupMe chat room for the Draft and the entire league year which was alive and kicking every week with fantasy and NFL takes from our owners.  Overall the league was a great success.  Several owners had already booked Vegas earlier this year in anticipation of the Live in Person draft only to have the Corona Virus complicate and ultimately force us back to an on-line format in 2020 also setting back our first in Person Las Vegas draft to 2021.  Subsequently and Sadly the corona virus has now forced 2 owners to drop out completely.  So here we are trying to fill 2 slots in a 12 team Auction league that boasts over a hundred years of shared fantasy football experience between its' owners.

The league will operate as a high stakes redraft league comprised on 12 owners across the United States (we currently have owners from PA, IN, IL, CA, KS, CO, VA, MN and TX) with the purpose of bringing fantasy football auction enthusiasts together to share their passion and develop relationships in person.

The league will have a $300 owner entry fee held at LEAGUESAFE- (see breakdowns above for per year fee).  The LIVE IN PERSON drafts will occur in Las Vegas sometime in late AUGUST every other year starting in 2021.  In the even number years including this year 2020 we will hold a slow email on-line auction.  The $300 owner entry fee does not include any travel or other expenses related to the even number year Live drafts in Las Vegas.  The Draft details and all LEAGUE BY-LAWS can be found at our MFL web site above.

League information including DETAILED By-Laws have already been uploaded to the web site including:  scoring, rosters, lineup, waivers, draft details and prize money distribution.  PLEASE NOTE- the by-laws section XII. as requirement of the league we will need some basic personal information in order to properly coordinate the logistics of an in-person live draft with owners attending from all over the country.  The information will not be shared with anyone aside from the league co-commissioners without consent of the owner.

If you have any questions feel free to email the co-commissioners at:

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Clarification on how money is and each years prize fund

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If you are looking for a mature group of SERIOUS and committed fantasy owners this could be the league for you.  The commitment for an every other year trip to Vegas to meet in person for the draft is indicative of the owners we have in place.  The average age of team ownership is north of 45 years of age.  This is an extremely active group of seasoned fantasy minds.  Last year the league completed 20 trades this is the type of shrewd and competitive folks that we have on board.  We need to replace 2 owners that have run into financial difficulty during the current crisis.  If you would like a slot please feel free to reach out to the co-commissioners at the email address in the main post above.  We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding rules, format, money, etc.

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