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16 Team - BESTBALL Dynasty - Superflex - Start 2 TE - MILITARY THEME - FILLED

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16 teams – Military Theme
BESTBALL, No Defense
$80 Entry - Leaguesafe
Draft Rookie Picks Individually
Draft Starts Once Filled
Bylaws & Settings:

Superflex, 2 TE Minimum Starting
11 Starting Roster Spots
Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring
example of the scoring:

Contact to join to not reply here

Or you can view one of my other leagues that I have going. All have the same scoring, but might be just a bit different format.

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A warning to anyone considering joining any of “Freezang’s” leagues. As you can see he is a puppy mill commissioner and cares little about the fundamentals that make a good lg.. like owners responding to trade offers, etc... he runs around 100 leagues (sadly this is not an exaggeration) and only a 3rd of the lgs are active and he could care less. Since he runs so many lgs he will probably have a bunch of owners come on here and defend him but don’t fall for it. Most of the owners defending him are in 50 + lgs and do not care about lg activity.

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