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32 Team Dynasty League Openings (Mulitple)

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Hey Guys,

I wanted to post about some openings in long running 32 team dynasties..also have some 16x 2 (play like 16 team player pools but have 32 owners) mixed in as well. Have a look through, and lmk if you have questions/interest. Tried to include all pertinent info here, but you may want to quickly scan bylaws on any you're serious about. All leagues are hosted on MFL and ALL use LeagueSafe to hold league funds!

1. 32 Gal (
- Salary cap.
- this one is unique, as we had a lot of turnover this year as the Commish left the league. I saved it given about 20+ of 32 owners wanted to stay.
- Issue was parity. So, we're doing a semi restart with all new teams taking part in a dispersal auction, and adding in an expansion draft for all new teams. Basically, they'll get to poach someone that's left unprotected from the stronger teams, which will really help level the playing field. Details can be found under the "32 Gal Lifeline" post on the msg board, here.
- $100 buy in, full IDP, 21 starting spots.

2. 32 Oz Redux (
- this one is an orphan takeover. Available team is:
Note: Cowboys have no 2020 picks, BUT, have a great roster.
- new owners get 1 free cut. It's a salary cap league
- 32 team, salary league. $50 buy in. Solid leadership in this one, been around 6 years I believe.

3. Dirty Devy - FILLED

4. Hall of Fame IDP - FILLED

5. The Blueprint (
- Big boy league ha - $250 buy in.
- 32 teams, 2 player copy, full IDP (10 off/11 def)
- Open teams (3) are Lions, Packers, 49ers. Panthers have already been filled, but that roster will be in the dispersal as well.
- Dispersal draft to take place when all 4 teams are filled.
- Solid owners in this league, rarely if ever is there a bad trade made.

6. Devy Forever - FILLED

7. NFL Forever (
- this one is purely a for fun type league...only $30 buy in.
- nice starting point to get into the 32 team format. Full keeper, no salary tho. This is one I'd recommend if you have free time and feel like having some fun with one, not really all that serious of a league.
- Not sure which teams will be open, but it'll be a dispersal draft for any teams that want to reboot their teams and all new owners of course.

8. Ultimate GM Leagues - 32 teams (League URL's below)
- This is great league concept, 2 player copy leagues. Lots of trading action.
- We've had some turnover as of this offseason due to the Commish falling seriously ill, and not being on top of league activities/payouts etc. I have since taken over control and will Commish these 4 identical leagues.
- Each has a $100 buy in, 10 off/11 def starters, and no offseason activities have taken place as of yet.
League List:
Ultimate GM I -
Ultimate GM IV -
Ultimate GM VII -
Ultimate GM XII -
There are vacant teams in each league, so you can grab 1 or multiple teams across the leagues if you want.

That's it for now, let me know if you have any more questions. I'll do my best to check back here often.


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I am interested in The Cowboys in the 32oz redux.  Please email at

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I am interested in The Cowboys in the 32oz redux.  Please email at

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