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12th owner needed for new Empire Dynasty league

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Need a 12th owner for a new Empire Dynasty league. ($105.00 league fee plus a maximum of $50.00 in blind bidding real dollars)  

19 rounds round a day for the next 19 days (No rookies)

3 round Rookie/ FA draft after the NFL draft

2 round FA draft in August.

No kicker or defenses.

Reach out to me asap



Weekly High Points: $5 x 13 weeks = $65.00

Season High Points: $60.00

Division Winners: $50 x 3 = $150.00

Wild Card Winners: $25.00 x 3 = $75.00

1st Place Winner: $250.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees 

2nd Place Winner: $125.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees

3rd Place Winner: $75.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees

4th Place Winner: $50.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees

5th Place Winner: $25.00 

Toilet Bowl Winner: $25.00

Total: $900.00

Each owner will pay $25.00 towards the Empire League pot  - $300.00  - The pot will be paid out once an owner wins the league two consecutive seasons. Starting in year 2, the previous year's league champion can't make a trade starting after week 9

* The max auction waiver fees will be $600.00. The cost for the website ($59.95) and the Trophy for the winner ($60.00) will be deducted first before the playoff shares will be paid out. 

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