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Dynasty startup - auction, contract, salary cap, full IDP

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I have six committed owners (including myself) that are looking for 5-7 more committed and engaged owners to join a dynasty league. Here are the relevant characteristics of the league:

  • contract and salary cap
  • PPR/PPC hybrid scoring system
  • full IDP with balanced scoring
  • unique O-line position
  • yearly rookie draft
  • playoffs have first round byes for top 2 seeds followed by two-week elimination, best-of rounds for the remaining 4 weeks
  • toilet bowl - teams eliminated from the playoffs contend for a 1.13 rookie draft pick
  • $50 buy-in
  • auction startup - depending on people’s schedules, we can try for a live one, but an email auction is the easiest
  • free agent auctions throughout “non-playing” season
  • Current owners are engaged and love chatting year round - we use the Telegram app

Bylaws and rules will be very similar to those here:




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There are still some openings. We are close to filling up, so let me know if you're interested in a great league with engaged owners!

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On 4/21/2020 at 10:20 AM, RWD said:


I'm interested in joining 

PM sent!


19 hours ago, Bluedevilgingy4 said:

Still looking for an owner? I’ve been in dynasty leagues on MFA for 3+ years.

Yes, I'll send you a PM shortly

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I have 1 spot left. Let me know if you’d like to take on the fun challenge of a salary cap contract league with my favorite startup format - an auction!

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