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3 Owners Needed for $31 12 Team Dynasty Dispersal Draft

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We have three open teams, which will be going into a dispersal draft. 12 teams, PPR, non-IDP. League fee is $31 which is collected via Paypal.

Notable assets:

Draft Picks - 1.04, 1.08

QB - Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr

RB - Kareem Hunt, Phillip Lindsay, Ezekiel Elliot, Alvin Kamara, Todd Gurley, David Montgomery

WR - Marvin Jones, Amari Cooper, DJ Moore, Deebo Samuel, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Cooper Kupp, DeVante Parker, Sterling Shepard, Adam Thielen

TE - Evan Engram, Mike Gesicki, TJ Hockensen, Noah Fant

Dispersal draft will be conducted through a Google Docs spreadsheet. If interested, let me know!


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I was looking into your league...what's behind the trade between an open team and the other owner? Open team gave up a 1.03 and 2.03 for no returns? Curious....

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Checking out the payouts, it looks like 420 is paid in, and only 303 is paid out?

this not accurate?

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Posted (edited)

@Melish - there was an error in a trade last year - for some reason MFL didn't drop the 2019 picks after the draft, and two owners made a trade that mistakenly used 2019 picks (it should have read 2020 first and 2020 second, but they chose 2019 first and 2019 second). I didn't catch it until league rollover, and that was how I corrected the issue. Click back to the 2019 season and view the transaction to verify if you would like.

@noslo - Not sure why it says 420 paid in, but i'll fix that - I took over as commish last year and hadn't noticed that. 31x12 = 372, not 420. 372 in, 303 paid out, 69 for the early bird leaguesafe fee

Edited by gsmayle

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