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A small group of co-commissioners and I run a series of dynasty football leagues through MyFantasyLeague using Leaguesafe, and this league only needs more owner to participate in a 5 team dispersal auction. This league is entering its 3rd season.

Here is a quick rundown of our league Road to Glory 3 (R2G 3):

  • $50 buy in to pay for 2021 (2020 already paid). Payouts include champion, runner up, playoff teams, yearly high score and weekly high scores.
  • 30 teams with pre-2002 NFL division format, scheduling and playoffs (2 conferences, each with 3 5-team divisions)
  • 80 man rosters, 15 man taxi squad, extended offseason rosters, 3 copies per player, 12 round rookie draft, FAAB waivers
  • 2QB and Superflex (start 2-3 QBs), large starting requirements, 2 TE, Full IDP, many flex positions
  • No Position Left Behind scoring
  • Rivalry Games and Pink Slips- play an out of division team twice and wager players/picks/FAAB, winner is whoever scores most in those 2 weeks combined.

The players and draft picks available in the dispersal can be found on the google doc under the "R2G 3" tab. We also list the openings across our other leagues:

Please email me at if you are interested in taking over a team in this league, or any of the other leagues. I can answer any questions you have. I will send you the leaguesafe info, and once you have paid, you can have access to the MyFantasyLeague site and groupme chat.

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