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DYNASTY DISRESPECT DRAFT - 24 team TWO COPY SF TE Premium, ppr, % of bench points count! 4 hour/pick slow draft

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Ever been in the middle a draft and been like “that team a’int making the playoffs….no way!” Think you can anticipate who’s a contender and who won’t make the playoffs?! Well now here’s your chance! Welcome to the DISRESPECT dynasty draft! After 10 rounds we will take turns choosing who’s 1st round draft pick we want next year! (last pick in the draft gets their first pick at who’s 2021 1st round draft pick they want, then 2nd last, etc.). *NOTE* This is only for next year’s (2021) 1st round draft pick, after 2021 we revert back to picking in the rookie draft inverse of how we place, like we normally do in most dynasties.   


As if this wasn’t enough excitement for one league, look what else we’ve got in store for you….I’m sure we’ve all been in those weeks where you had Marvin Jones on the bench and he just GOES OFF! Well now you don’t have to worry as much about leaving those precious points on the bench. Every week your total score will incorporate a % of your bench points, so this lets you stress out a little less on gameday!

This either be a will be a 2-copy league or a normal 12 team league depending on demand done on MFL ( A 2 -copy league means there will be 24 teams but 2 copies of every player. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE TWO COPIES OF THE SAME PLAYER ON EACH TEAM. You will however be able to play a team who has a few of the same players possibly. If no one has ever done anything like this, it’s a very interesting way to play fantasy.

Entry is $50 through leaguesafe ($100 upfront for this year and next +a few dollars extra for MFL site fee) and rosters are as follows. It will be a superflex TE premium league. 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 SF (q/w/r/t/) 2 FLEX(w/r/t), 9 Bench (who you want to receive the % of your bench points), but 10 Taxi spots (holds injured players and players on bye), Total Roster spots: 27. BACKUP POINTS WORTH 25%. *NOTE* YOU MAY HAVE NO MORE THAN 3 QBS BETWEEN YOUR STARTING LINEUP AND BENCH. Please email me for an invite at



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