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FILLED! DFW Dynasty (Sflex/IDP) League Replacement Owner Needed!

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Looking to replace two owners ASAP.  Both took a 0 in week 1 because they failed to submit a lineup.  It's a 12-team superflex/IDP league based in Dallas-Fort Worth (league champ gets the trophy, & next season free).  Initial season cost is $20 with every year afterward costing only $10.  This is generally a more casual league, but would love to bring in more active owners that will be more engaged & active, particularly in the offseason.  

Team 1) Roster needs active work to rebuild, but has a promising young WR core, solid at IDP, but needs help at QB, RB, & TE

Team 2) Roster is a contender due to a top-heavy RB core (best in the league), but has holes at QB2 & WR.

Hit me up with any questions.  

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I may be interested


What are the actual rosters and the hosting platform?




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might be interested. I also would like to see what the roster of the team i would take over looks like.

Also, if you have info about specific scoring for this league, rules, etc.

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* Active Roster 30 / Taxi Squad (rookie or 2nd year) 10 / IR 5 (increased to 8 due to COVID, opt outs permitted)

* Start 19: 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 2 TE / 1 Superflex / 2 Flex / 2 DL / 2 LB / 2 DB / 2 IDP flex / 1 K

* Weekly doubleheader

* Big play & yardage bonuses, points per 1st down, fractional points for carries/receptions, negative points for turnovers (more for pick-6/fumble-6)

* Biweekly waiver wire bidding

* To discourage tanking & encourage active participation through entire season, winner of consolation bracket gets 1st overall rookie pick (runner up gets 2nd, etc.)

Last owner took over as an orphan and started but quit on rebuild.  At the very least, jumping on the waiver wire should give this team a chance to be competitive, but definitely needs someone willing to be active in trading.  QB: D. Carr / S. Darnold / M. Mariota; RB: L. Bell / T. Coleman / D. Harris / Du. Johnson; WR: B. Aiyuk / D. Amendola / A. Cooper / N. Harry / C. Kirk / D. Parker / T. McLaurin / D. Mims / J. Lasley; TE: D. Njoku / W. Dissly;  DL: J. Tillery / B. Burns / M. Garrett / J. Okwara / M. Sweat / M. Davenport / D. Taylor; LB: C.J. Moseley / C. Miller / T. Lewis / B. McKinney / J. Phillips / J. Schoebert / R. Evans / J. Jewell; DB: D. Baker / M. Lattimore / J. Okudah / K. Byard / T. Edmunds / C. Gardner-Johnson / J. Reid; K: J. Myers / D. Carlson / J. Sanders


Let me know if you have more specific questions.


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