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Openings in $25 Dynasty PPR

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Karl Malone's PPR dynasty league hosted on has some openings.  $25 per owner. You'll be required to pay up front. $150 for 1st, $75 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd & $25 for 4th place.

Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE & 2 FLEX. 4 IR slots. Deep benches.

Open rosters are below. Please send me a DM with a little about your FF experience and what interests you about this league & why you are choosing the team you wish to take over.

Team 1
QB: Mahomes, Goff, Hill, Fromm, Newton
RB:  Singletary, Gurley, David Johnson, Kelley, Barber, Lindsay
WR: Woods, Godwin, R. Anderson, Lamb, Slayton, Reynolds, T. Smith, Deebo, Pittman, Patmon, Hightower
TE: Hurst, OJ Howard, Everett

Team 2
QB: Brees, Big Ben, Fitzmagic, Darnold, Haskins
RB: M. Sanders, Duke Johnson, Ekeler, Ervin, Gallman, K. Johnson
WR: DJ Moore, Hilton, Tyreek, Hopkins, Gage, J. Washington, Inman, Guyton, Hamler, Byrd
TE: Ebron, Gronk, Gesicki, Kmet

Team 4
QB: Mayfield, Stafford, Tua, Love
RB: Mixon, Conner, Thompson, Gore, Howard, McCoy
WR: Cobb, Juju, E. Sanders, McLaurin, M. Jones, Jeffrey, Dorsett, Edelman, V. Jefferson
TE: Waller, Graham, Fells, Doyle, Jarwin

Team 8
QB: Dak, Rivers, Lock
RB: Kamara, Lewis, J. Williams, Breida, D. Thompson, Akers, Michel, T. Montgomery
WR: Shenault, Odell, Tate, Evans, Watkins, Stills, Perriman, D. Robinson, Kirk, Hardman, J. Reed
TE: Cox, Hock, Sample

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