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  1. Just agreed on a price to buy a local restaurant, and we're aiming to close within the next 3 weeks. It's been here since 1970. Long story short. It's got a really nice local following, but things have been going down hill over the last few years. Absentee owner that's never there at all anymore. All sorts of problems trickling down from that. Many aspects of the business are a clinic in how not to run a restaurant. It still does solid business despite all the problems. Averaging $270K/year over the last 5. We're getting it really cheap for an operational restaurant already doing steady bus
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  2. Their All-American kicker missed a 32-yard FG, a 19 yard FG and an extra point and they still should have won. It's all about execution and the young players and the kicker simply didn't do that. The play calling on their own one and then at the K-State one was bad, but the players also didn't execute on those specific plays. Outside the starting OL, this team is heavy in underclassman. They should have beat K-State by 20+ today, they just didn't because they made way too many mistakes. The talent is already there, the execution isn't.
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