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  1. So my wife is the queen of mondegreens. For example I just caught her singing "hurry up and bring your juice box money" (no shtick) Another good one is she thought the chorus to Raspberry Beret is "Rags! Mary wore rags...the kind you find in a second hand store) Anyway one time I was singing along to the chorus of white zombies More Human Than Human and she said " oh...thats what they're saying" I asked her what she thought it was and realized it must be so stupid I'll make fun of her forever. She still refuses to tell me Any ideas what it might be?
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  2. It's the time of year where those of us in giant roster leagues are scouring for anything of value, and a blurb on ProFootballTalk lead me to Breida, a player I previously had never heard of. On the small side at a listed 5'11" 190lbs (reportedly checked in at 5'9" and 195lbs at his pro day), he had great Soph and Jr seasons before falling off a cliff as a Senior under a new (and unsuccessful) head coach. Soph: 171 carries, 1485 yards, 17 TDs Jr: 203 carries, 1609 yards, 17 TDs Sr: 168 carries, 646 yards, 3 TDs While that (and his small school status) dropped him o
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  3. from the actual paper figure 1 figure 2 thanks to heckman, I'm watching/listening to the 2017 awards ceremony right now.
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  5. Sometimes I wonder if a poster is simply a troll, or if they're actually mentally ill. I mean, I think our default is to think that everyone posting here is a rational individual, or at least as rational as you are. But the odds are that there are a number of people here that are legitimately mentally ill, not just posting garbage to troll people. Obviously there are a number of us that deal with depression and anxiety. A number of which have been fairly open about that. But I imagine that there has to be some percentage that have other disorders that greatly affect them and their intera
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  7. Apples to Apples is stupid. I mean, it's fun to play, but jesus christ is it maddening.
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