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  1. Ethan Hey Malloy, thanks for your FB well-wishes. You aren't quite the bastahd you pretend to be. My wife is a "literacy instructor" (read: part-time reading teacher to small groups of kids) at our neighborhood elementary school. "Tow Truck Driver Dad" comes to school for lunch with his daughter and special-needs son several times/week. Basically TTDD was abandoned by his wife and works nights and visits school for lunches with his kids and apparently barely sleeps and is admired by all of us who see (="know") him. Tonight we happened to hear from the daughter (as we grill
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  2. No i did not, it is the 927 Beer Company. 927 was the only phone number prefix in town when my wife was growning up. Everyone just said the last 4 digits when asked their phone number. We did call our saison release at that time Cease and D'Saison
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