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  1. Update: I dragged ### downstairs and lost some more, then went to spread some of that largesse elsewhere on Fremont. Unfortunately for me, the Pride Parade prevented that. I backtracked a block for dinner, still no dice, so to speak. Now limping, I retreat to El Cortez. My luck finally turns around, hitting quad deuces for $500 and restoring some semblance of order to the universe. Faceplant imminent.
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  2. Trying to add balance here. Pursuant to that, I just took $5K out of a video poker machine. Suddenly, I am less concerned with the miserable blackjack results.
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  3. Should give props to Cal too. He had his arm around me, tightly, during the service. He kept whispering "I love you dad" and "I'm going to be around for a long time" and "everything is going to be alright". I'm so lucky to have him.
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  4. Struggling to rally here, for a Friday night in Vegas. Yesterday was a blast, chatted with a casino owner for about ten minutes, gambled and drank nonstop. Now I can't walk two blocks without existential pain. I'm a fraud.
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  5. There’s no way we don’t play again Tuesday is there?
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  6. Not gonna open that link on my phone, but inventing a new tool is how the problem started in the first place.
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  8. geezus bob, hang in there. and don't drink too much.
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  9. Yep, told me to email him because his staff is compiling a list for customers who want to stay at the new resort the first night it's open. Again, I'm a dork. Sometimes very specific indeed. There's a Deuces Wild variant that exists on two machines at El Cortez only. Pays 100.92% for perfect play. Haven't heard that one. My standards are modest, but I think it's clean and safe. Staying in the Cabana Suites (lol) across the street .
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  10. Apparently so does the rest of ‘murica...
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  11. Jesus. That's a fantastic return for DJ. Even before the Hyde trade.
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  12. can i get an ad advance on my winnings?
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  14. You hate to leave points on the wire, but for those who went LAC, I think that’s a sound move against a clearly flailing team, even in a game across the pond. Can’t beat yourself up over hindsight. At the time, LAC was a less-risky proposition. And at least you didn’t nab ARI D?
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  15. I look at the sheet at those no longer in the club and feel sad that they aren't going to be winning like the rest of us still in.........
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  16. I'm really sorry for everyone who has lost folks lately, including Frosty though I'm late to that one. I wish I had something more encouraging to say.
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  17. I'll also add that, while you seem to have dealt with more tragedy than most, I think a big part of that is from the fact that your social/family network is so big. You seem like a good guy Bob and a very large number of people seem to care about you and count on you. And you obviously care a great deal for a whole lot of people as well. That's a tremendous testament to who you are. It's probably also a reason why you have to deal with tragedy more often than a lot of us.
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