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"Creatures of similar plumages habitually congregate in places of closest proximity."

14 team Contract Keeper league

QB Romo, Palmer

RB Bell, Gurley, Lewis, Woodhead, Duke

WR Landry, M Bryant, J Brown, Moncief, Crowder

TE (start 2) L Green, Rudolph

DB Barron

DL K Mack

LB Kuechly

14 team Contract Dynasty IDP League

QB Brady, Rivers, Taylor

RB Bell, Peterson, Foster, Lewis, Woodhead, Duke, J Bell

WR Julio, Mega, Moncrief, Decker, R Randle, Marquess Wilson, Crowder

TE Walker, L Green, V Davis

LB P Brown, M Smith, C Mathews, Kendricks

DB Tartt, Woodson

DL Quinn, E Griffen