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    12 Team Dynasty needs 4 owners

    The owner of team three has yet to join the forum so I am officially placing team 3 back on the market. So here are the teams that are available. Team 3 QB: Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Ronnie Brown, James Davis®, Jerome Harrison, Fred Jackson, Jamal...
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    12 Team Dynasty needs 4 owners

    To updated this post team 3 has been claimed. Teams 1, 2, and 4 are still available.
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    **2010 San Francisco 49ers Offseason Thread**

    Rumors on the 49ers board at say that the niners are seriously interested in sign Reggie Bush. I'm not sure what to think of it. It probably would be better for them to draft a return specialist rather then sign a 1st round bust to a big contract.
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    12 Team Dynasty needs 4 owners

    Hi guys I run a 12 team dynasty league that is hosted on yahoo and is completely free. My league has been running since 2005. Last season my schedule was very busy. I was going to close the league but my members didn't want that so I kept it going. I was working 2 jobs and then I picked up a...
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    Possible 12-20 team redraft leage

    I was thinking about starting a 12-20 redraft league. It will be IDP and completely free. The league will be based on yahoo. Team names will be names of NFL teams. I was thinking the rosters would look like this. Possibly a 25 man roster. Let me know if anyone is interested. The scorning...
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    Looking? or willing to start

    I'm looking for a new start up Dynasty league to join. If it is free count me in if you can get enough people to start one up.
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    49ers add QB O'Sullivan, RB Foster, LB Thomas

    Add Takeo Spikes name to the list because he is visiting the Niners today. You all know how they don't like to let free agents leave unsigned. I like the Foster signing. Robinson really hasn't panned out. Foster will be a nice fill in guy for Gore to give him a break and keep him fresh. I...
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    Xavier Lee, former high school phenom from FSU

    Lee is horrible. I love FSU football and he makes horrible throws. Every time I've seen him play he puts little on the ball. He'll be a receiver in the NFL because he can't play QB.
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    12 Team Dynasty League looking for a new owner

    I would like to thank everyone that has shown interest in my dynasty league. The spot as been filled.
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    12 Team Dynasty League looking for a new owner

    I run a 12 team dynasty league. We are heading into our 4th season and one of our owners backed out so I'm looking for a replacement for him. Here is what his team looks like. Its a 25 man roster right now. I am trying to figure out a good practice squad system some there was enough interested...
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    Panthers shopping Foster

    As a Foster owner since last season, I'll be watching this very carefully. If he goes to the Bears that would be great for him. He should be able to beat out Benson. I'm not sold on Benson.
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    Larry Fitzgerald to Dallas?

    I've heard trade rumors about Fitzs to, but I heard about him going to the Vikings because he's from Minnesota. The only thing with that is, do the Vikings have anything thats really worth giving up for him?
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    Best Value Pick In Your Rookie Draft

    I'm not sure where people are drafting him at but I just drafted Zach Miller at 2.11 in a 12 team dynasty league. I thought it was a steal.
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    Vince Young's fav target?

    Now that Young is the Titans solid starter who does everyone think will be his favorite target, David Givens or Brandon Jones?
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    Formulating Draft Orders

    Is there a site that formulates draft orders? If not what are some good methods of doing it other then drawing names from hats. (my method.)