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    Need RB Help with Injuries

    In a Guillotine League, My RB's are Barkley, Chubb, Edwards-Helaire, J. Williams, & Gaskin. With Chubb out this week, CEH on IR and Barkley Questionable, do I pick one of the following or run with Gaskin and Williams. Available RBs have $80 left on FAB if to bid on any of these what should...
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    Flex Question Help: Hunt or Chase

    RBs are Elliot & Sanders WRs are Diggs & McLaurin Need help on who to put in my flex, Hunt, Chase, or Sutton .5 PPR, regular standard points
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    RB Help

    Need help on who to start. My RB's are in a little trouble with J. Jacobs questionable. Need to start 2: D. Henry - He will start M. Ingram  M. Carter J. Jocobs