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    General Auction Strategy

    Based on the information you have provided, I think the bolded part is your answer. Auctions are more dynamic than drafts, so adjusting for other league owners is more important. Check your valuations compared to the actual prices. Are your values lower or higher than what the players go...
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    Reading the Defense Writer's Block

    I would like to know your thoughts, advice, strategies for trading defense for offense and offense for defense? Particularly in Dynasty leagues. The conventional wisdom seems to be is "never trade offense for defense/always trade defense for offense". When is it right for your team? How to...
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    Week 1 Injury Thread

    I watched the whole game and same him down after a non-descript run in the middle as they were protecting a lead. He was holding his lower leg and the trainers came on the field, then TV cut to commercial. It was never mentioned and I saw him on the field afterwards, but it happened right near...
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    Post your questions for this week's IDP podcast

    I would like to know why these players are underperforming expectations Will Smith, Aaron Kampman, Cory Redding (tackle required) AJ Hawk K Rhodes, Pollard, R Harper, B Pool. Thanks