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May 13, 1987 (Age: 35)


Big Bay Blues (1-5-0)

2010 League Champion

10 Team Dynasty League

1 QB | 3 RB | 3 WR | 1 TE | 1 FLEX | 1 K | 1 DEF

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Tannehill, Carson Palmer

RB - Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, Charcandrick West, Jerick McKinnon, Chris Thompson, Knile Davis, Arian Foster[iR], Jamaal Charles[iR], Lance Dunbar[iR]

WR - Brandon Marshall, Jordan Matthews, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Dwayne Harris Tyler Lockett[RS],Justin Hardy[RS], Jordy Nelson[iR], Dez Bryant[iR]

TE - Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen, Scott Chandler, Richard Rodgers[RS]

K - Chandler Catanzaro

Def - Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers