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    Trade Advice

    Accept it before he cancels
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    Sit C Ridley and J Robinson in semi-finals

    Looking for help in my 12 team PPR QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex (WR,RB,TE) K & DST Going against the 1st place team in this must win. QB - Mahomes RB - Henry, Chubb,  WR - AJ Brown, C Ridley Flex- J Robinson TE - Tonyan K - Sanders DST - Browns Ridley has a tough matchup against the bucs and...
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    1st round flex

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    FLEX help in 12 team PPR League

    I gotta say I'm a little surprised that theres no love for AJ Brown, but thanks for all the advice guys.  I'll be rolling with Gibson
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    HELP ME SHARKS!will respond

    I also agree with Murray Please help
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    FLEX help in 12 team PPR League

    Hey All, need help selecting a flew in my 12 team PPR league, 6pt passing tds QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,FLEX(wr,rb,te),TE I'm starting Calvin Ridley vs Saints Jakobi Meyers vs Texans Derrick Henry vs Ravens Chubb vs Eagles I need to pick one out of Gibson vs Bengals Robinson vs Steelers AJ Brown...
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    Who to drop? Ruggs, Lamb, Edwards?

    Why not drop the Rams DST and pick either them or a different DST to replace the Chiefs during bye.
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    Dallas Goedert or T.J. Hockenson?

    Go Dallas vs Dallas
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    Pick TWO RBs

    Zeke and Taylor as well
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    HELP ME SHARKS!will respond

    J Smith for me
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    2019 RB Lotto Ticket Rankings

    Any one giving any consideration to Jon Hilliman RB or the NY Giants, he's been promoted from the practice squad after Sheppard was put on IR.  
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    Today!! You’re Either A Genius or a Moron - Post Your Best Week 1 Lineup(s) For the Record

    12 Team Snake draft standard scoring 3 keeper league - I draft from the 1.02 spot but I had traded away my 1st and 3rd and received an extra 4th and 7th. QB - Mahomes (Keeper) RB - N. Chubb (Keeper) RB - Duke Johnson WR- K. Allen WR- D. Westbrook TE - H. Henry (Keeper) Flex - E. Sanders...
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    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    8-2 in my home league. Just made 2 trades in a 12 team standard 3 keeper league, the pleyers I moved Bell(Keeper Value), P. Barber, S Watkins, A Peterson, 1st rnd pick, 3 rnd pick and got back Julio Jones, Marc Ingram, Jordan Howard, Phillip Lindsay and a 4th and 7th.  My team now looks mathcup...
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    Anyone have the guts to bench Mahomes this weekend?

    I'm the same as 2484 drafted Mahomes and Rivers, Rivers week 1 then rolled Mahomes the rest but this week Ill be going back to Rivers for this week.  The delemma is do I keep Rivers on the roster after this week in a 12 team leage.