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  1. Boston

    CeeDee Lamb - DAL WR

    Ceedee can play but I look forward to when I don’t come away from watching him thinking it should have been more…feels like there is always a play or two left on the field.
  2. Boston

    ***Patriots at Vikings (-2.5, 42.5)*** Turkey Night Football on NBC

    Solid effort by the Pats and hopefully the start of Mac playing the way we thought he could going into the season…that being said right now they are what they are…an above average team that needs to prove they can beat a few legit teams if they are going to be a playoff team this year.
  3. Boston

    QB Trey Lance, SF

    Agreed...but I just have this gut feeling that TB12 ends up there to close out his career.
  4. Boston

    QB Zach Wilson, NYJ

    There is only one thing that will make us all happy...start Elijah Moore at QB. Good for The Jets...Wilson is awful and doesn't look like he has the head/mind/leadership qualities to be an NFL QB...cut bait now and move on from him so you don't waste these young players on their rookie...
  5. Boston


    Who are your other QBs?
  6. Boston

    WR Kadarius Toney, KC

    I waited a year and a half to have him lose a game for me...I feel like Ralphie getting the bunny suit.
  7. Boston

    WR Kadarius Toney, KC

    It will never be easy with there some type of Fantasy Football Counselor we can go to to discuss our relationship?
  8. Boston

    ***Chiefs at Chargers*** (5.5, 52.5) Sunday Night Football

    Chad Jackson broke some hearts in New England.
  9. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    Yup...awful O line, bad weather and Matt Patricia as his OC...he played well...still not sure about him but he did his part today.
  10. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    Mac was 23/27 for 246
  11. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    This is what I don't understand in today's NFL...why not punt it out-of-bounds and not give the returner a chance to beat you...this just isn't the Jets but all teams do it...that sideline punt is something that rarely gets used.
  12. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    They wouldn't be any worse with 2022 Joe Namath out there.
  13. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    Jets play hard for Saleh and they have a quality D but Wilson is awful...I don't know if they can give him another year.
  14. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    It was the only way...the offenses weren't gonna do it.
  15. Boston

    **NY Jets at NE Patriots** (-3.5, 38)

    Just like they drew it up during the bye!