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    Deangelo Williams? Are you starting him?

    I know its the wrong forum, but im leaning towards Foster over Caddy this week...Seattle D looks solid and the Rams/Panthers matchup promises to be a high scoring contest
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    Which DB this week?

    Roy Williams vs Stl (ankle issues)Michael Boulware @ GB (playing time?)Sean Taylor @ Phi (inept opponent)
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    Which 2 DL?

    John Abraham @ MIAMike Rucker @NOCharles Grant vs CARReggie Hayward vs SF1 pt per tackle4 pts per sack
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    Daryl Smith?

    a stripped ball from the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage is awarded a sack
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    Defensive help

    Bullock, Williams, Rhodes to go with Little
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    who to start at DL

    Charles Grant at GBJohn Abraham vs TBMike Rucker at AZ---------------------------1 pt. each solo tackle4 pts. each sack5 pts. each interception10 pts. each touchdown