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  1. brownhelmets

    Co-worker gives you a gift, what do you do?

    Donation in their name to the human fund?
  2. brownhelmets

    Shingles virus

    I had them at 19. It was more of an annoyance than painful to me anyways.
  3. brownhelmets

    Who's Hottest: ESPN Edition

    Perhaps a more appropriate game would be marry,murder,or ****?
  4. brownhelmets

    PRO-LIFE, ANTI-WOMAN? Challenge issued to Pro-Lifers

    Anyway we can get the money raised to have this woman sterilized?
  5. brownhelmets

    Kindergarten Redshirting / good? / bad? / fair to younger kids?

    Who determines what constitutes redshirting?
  6. brownhelmets

    Getting in shape SUCKS

    Sounds exactly like my story. I recently went back to work after staying home with kids. Got myself into great shape but fell off the wagons about a year and a half ago. I'm a teacher so I'm using my break to get back into the habit.
  7. brownhelmets

    Which is Worse?

    A lot of convenience with the step sister thing. Would seem dumb not to. Am I right?
  8. brownhelmets

    how do you deal with ants?

    Ortho Home Defense
  9. brownhelmets

    Did you ask your future father in law for permission to propose to his

    Did her father walk her down the aisle and give her away?
  10. brownhelmets

    ask me anything

    Do you think the wyoming cowboys have a legit shot at making the NCAA tournament?
  11. brownhelmets

    League Scoring Ideas...

    Thanks for the feedback so far. :cool:
  12. brownhelmets

    League Scoring Ideas...

    My Local league is considering a scoring format change. It is currently a high scoring format heavily reliant on long TDs. I haven't been a big fan of its current format for a good while. I am interested in hearing unique scoring formats outside of the basic standard scoring/ppr, ect...
  13. brownhelmets

    I'm in a rec football league.

    Stop calling soccer football?