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    1 owner needed for $100 H2H redraft league on

    Waivers will be blind bidding everyone has 200 blind bidding dollars, each week owners will be able to submit a bid from kickoff of game 1 until wed. night. The bids are secretive(which is why they are called blind) and the winner of the bid gets the player after wed night free agents are first...
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    New Dynasty League

    Id be interested my email add. is
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    1 owner needed for $100 H2H redraft league on

    6 spots remain Link to league homepage:
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    1 owner needed for $100 H2H redraft league on

    Payouts and league fees: 12 teams @ $100 (1200 total pot) 69.95 website fee 1st place: 800 2nd place: 200 3rd place: 130 Starting Lineups 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 Flex (RB, WR, or TE) 1 PK 1 Def Scoring I. Offense(QB, RB, WR, TE) .05 per passing yard 4 pts. per passing TD...
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    New $100 IDP Dynasty league (40 man rosters with IR and Taxi Squa

    still looking for owners draft is a little under 2 weeks away.