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    Addict Fantasy Football is Now Recruiting for 2015!

    100% payouts. mfl's only 90%. biggest difference is them mfl's can really get slow with time out after time out after time out. I can't believe this has not filled yet. mfl-50's fill every 4 days and 10's every few hours and only 90% payout yet this 100% payout has not filled in 2 weeks? 3...
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    Official Johnny Manziel Thread

    the bud light 4 pack at his chair told me all I need to know about his future as a Brown and his rehab success! :thumbup:
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    Addict Fantasy Football is Now Recruiting for 2015!

    can't believe we have not filled first league yet! these leaguess blow away the MFL-10'S in every which way plus you get a rare chance to beat the mighty BUCKEYEDAWGS!
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    Where do I go if I want to Play in 20+ fantasy leagues? - Masters

    there is no way I believe out of 176 DYNASTY leagues u have 0 orphans and 100% renewal... IMPOSSIBLE FEAT TO ACHIEVE UNLESS THEY WERE ALL STARTED LAST YEAR WITH THE MANDTORY 2 YEAR COMMITMENT? I don't play dynasty anymore anyway but I am curious of your hi stake % payouts.
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    Redraft League....100% Payout....$120....Leaguesafe.....

    good job figuring the proper way to format your divisions for a perfectly even and fair schedule. Very few know this trick that try and create leagues with divisions.. I would jump in this in a heartbeat except I don't play BBIDS. I feel they r fraud and shouldn't be anywhere near any fantasy...
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    Addict Fantasy Football is Now Recruiting for 2014!

    just like giantjeff I am also second year and a lucky winner my first year. I would recommend these over the mfl's leagues 1000 to 1. now will 3 of u jump in his draftmaster 4 so I can get it drafted and go on vacation. lol they are 100 percent payout that pay 300-200-100 to top 3...
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    Keeper League Startup - $800 Entry - Top Prize = $5k

    are u saying you can not keep the first two rounds of drafted players because they lose 2 rounds value each year? so earliest round player I can keep second year would be 3rd rounder and would have to forfeit first round pick to keep? We call these draft value leagues or antsi sport used to...
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    Addict Fantasy Football is Now Recruiting for 2013!

    dm2 about full.. put me in paid when u start up dm3. also good fast group in one of my mfl-10's beging for better draftmasters leagues. i will send them your way.
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    The MFL-10'S r open draftmaster style

    we start in one hour league 72262 and i got last pick! should b fun! probably full of football guys thanks to me and my bored post here. mfl should reward me for advertiseing for them plus winning the draftmaster premier despite jeff p giving me 6th pick in his retarted 3rr garbage which is...
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    The MFL-10'S r open draftmaster style

    yes they draft as soon as filled. it's been 24 hours and i still have not been notified to start so it must be slow ride time of year though I used to draft a lot of leagues and rookie drafts in MAY. bonka..... I agree but I will buy a bunch of both.. nice practice and beats mocks. Buy and...
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    The MFL-10'S r open draftmaster style

    10 bucks.. If u win 12 team league u win 100., runner ups get free entry next year. Jump n now u might even get a chance to beat the mighty BUCKEYEDAWGS as we love the early draftmasters. after all we retired mcfaldens premier grand champion draftmaster. sign up thru any mfl league site...
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    Yet another commish steals everyone's money

    ive been riped off 3 times in my 25 years. (none from this football guy board) i have the address of all 3 and plan a bounty hunting trip. should make it a business reading this stuff and seeing it happen over and over. someone has to teach these kids ripping off fantasy leagues is a no no. i...
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    Why the lack of "start 2 qb" rankings/cheatsheet/threads?

    2 qb.... kick return leagues are the BEST! It nullifies the stupid normal RB over valued NON SCENCE leagues of today. Even more scarce is the old Touch Bonus leagues of the 60, 70 and 80 decades. They rock too!
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    Favre to return?

    He needs to get to throwing practice with kids. That will really stir up the media. :thumbup: