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  1. CaptainCrunch

    *Official 2015 Philadelphia Eagles* - Winning when it doesnt count

    Soon Steven A Smith will say Chip is biased against all non Ducks & Sooners - :loco:
  2. CaptainCrunch

    Post round 1 draft, stock up/down

    Agreed- I don't see Brown getting much time now. CJ Mosely will step right into the role they were hoping Brown would play.
  3. CaptainCrunch

    ** Official 2014 Philadelphia Eagles Thread **

    That is what I was thinking- guess the 49'ers saw the same value.
  4. CaptainCrunch

    ** Official 2014 Philadelphia Eagles Thread **

    What about the Eagles trading for Bills WR Stevie Johnson as they have a glut @ WR. Should be able to get him for a later round pick (4th or 5th?). Has had a few 1,000 yard seasons and at 6'2"/ 207 lbs has some half decent size which Chip Kelly seems to like. Not the sexiest add, but he is...
  5. CaptainCrunch

    Week 3 Waiver Wire Pickups

    Jordan Todman - If MJD's sprain costs him time, might be worth a flyer. Didn't do much with the carries he come on in relief, but had a very strong pre-season and maybe with a week of game planning might be much more productive.
  6. CaptainCrunch


    A little difficult to vote and compare since you know Josh Gordon's team vs the landing spot of the other 3. I think after the NFL draft there will be a much better indication of where he might rank. As of right now I would put Gordon 4th- but primarily because of his QB situation.
  7. CaptainCrunch

    Patrick Willis injury

    Appears to be ok -Injury Update- Patrick Willis
  8. CaptainCrunch

    Trent Cole

    Because once teams figured out they could run up the middle on the Eagles, they did not have to pass as often- limiting his opps. Jason Babin probably also cut into his numbers as well. DE is also a volatile position- so you are bound to have up/down games. All in all- Trent Cole is still...
  9. CaptainCrunch

    Trent Cole

    It is probably a combination of a variety of reasons- first of which he was hurt for a number of games in which he did not play or played at far less than 100%. Another reason is the Eagles went to a new defensive scheme, under a first year DC (Juan Castillo who was their OL coach for 10+...
  10. CaptainCrunch

    Casey Matthews

    I think they hope to utilize him a bit like Tampa with Mason Foster- let him man the Mike in base formations and pull him out in Nickel packages. This will give him an opportunity to get some reps without having to concentrate on too many things and get more comfortable calling the defense...
  11. CaptainCrunch

    Casey Matthews

    I thought he looked a lot more comfortable versus the Browns than he did versus the Steelers. He seemed to have a better jump on his reads. They did give him a lot of work- I think he played well into the 3rd quarter. Of course the Eagles Defense as a whole had a much better game. From what...
  12. CaptainCrunch

    Antonio Dixon

    He sprained his knee on 8/4 in practice (I was actually there when it happened). It did not look very good, but the trainer later said he only had "mild" knee sprain so he probably dodged a bullet on that one. Imagine they are allowing him plenty of time to rest it and hope he will be back on...
  13. CaptainCrunch

    Stellers vs Eagles preseason thread

    :goodposting: The Eagles went on the road against another AFC North team in Cincinnati. They got worked 22-9 and Vick looked awful throwing two picks in one quarter of play. We saw how last season played out so am not too concerned about one bad pre-season outing. These things happen in...
  14. CaptainCrunch

    Casey Matthews

    I don't think anyone on the defense looked particularly good- although I was focused primarily on Matthews. Most of them seemed out of sorts and I lay most of the blame on Juan Castillo (DC). The Steelers were able to run at will on the Eagles and got very little pressure on Big Ben or...
  15. CaptainCrunch

    Casey Matthews

    I wouldn't take too much from one preseason game. Casey is a rookie and will take more than his fair share of lumps while climbing the learning curve to the NFL. To be fair, the entire team on both sides of the ball really stunk- it was like everyone was just going thru the motions. Add the...