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    Kahlil Bell

    Now that barber's out should I be considering starting this guy over frank gore and Felix jones in a .5 ppr league? I don't know if can trust Felix with any injury and it seems like this guy could be my rb2 over gore. Then it would come down to gore vs Santana moss for my final flex.
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    Navarro Bowman

    Is there a reason his production has declined so much over the past four weeks? Ive only seen box scores really. In my tackle heavy format he averaged almost 12 points the first 10 weeks, but has averaged less than 6 the past four weeks(including a 2 pt performance last week). Ive been patient...
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    Colin McCarthy

    Jene, would you start a guy like jerod mayo, or bowman over him this week? That's scary when you look at the last four performers. I'm in a small league so guys like mayo, Lewis, washington are available but currently have McCarthy or bowman for my last lb spot. I'm scared of mccarthy's matchup...
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    Desmond Bishop

    I noticed that...i dont know which call im more angry at...the taking the penalty for 1st and 20...or the saints faking that FG...i have bishop and kasay and on statracker i was actually given the two points for the sack and then had them taken away...and then he doesnt come back out...funny...