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    Owner Needed for IDP Redraft League .5 PPR

    Need 1 new owner for highly competitive IDP redraft league on MFL (Redraft Wars) that has been operating since 2009. Entry fee is $50. It is .5 ppr, 40 man rosters with 20 starters, 11 IDP (DL, LB, DB). True Positions used for DL/LB.  Tackle heavy IDP. Email draft currently is scheduled to start...
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    1 owner needed

    I did send you an e-mail and I did say that it would have been nice to defend my title. But if you believe any of your other nonsense, you are on some serious drugs. Your postings on this message board are similar to your rants on your league message boards and chats. Anyone reading your...
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    1 owner needed

    Just be glad you do not have to deal with him any more. I was in Mike's (T with T) Dynasty Sharks league with Dan from DC. We did not get along with Mike because we kept insisting that he follow the rules he created. That really pissed him off. I won the league and he tried withholding money...
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    team reports

    It is disappointing. FBG is usually on top of things, but I read the Eagles report and stopped. Mays, Bradley, Mikell, Gaither, Bunkley, Sims.... C'mon guys!
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    FBG DC/Balt/Philly Auction League

    If you are looking for new blood and I can work it in the right weekend, I'd love to join. I've never been in an auction draft for football before. I live in Howard County, so if you're still drafting locally again next year, that's a major plus as well. Let me know.
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    Little Big League Too

    If you still need one, send me an e-mail ( I will be more than happy to take over the team. I have been looking for another dynasty team to run. Sam
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    Startup Dynasty League Needs Active Owners

    I'm interested. E-mail me at May have 1-2 others for you as well. Will do 12 or 14 team dynasty if that is where we are with interest.
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    Looking for a 16 team, IDP, extended Dynasty league

    If 12 or 14 teams and a draft, I've got 2 owners for you in a start up IDP Dynasty (so long as the rules/scoring are fairly traditional, either ppr or non-ppr). I'll be glad to assist with the setup and recruiting, but don't have time to dedicate as Commissioner since I am already running 2...
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    ISO IDP Dynasty League

    A friend and I are looking to join a start up IDP dynasty league for under $50. You'll get 2 highly competitive owners who are as active as anyone. We're not interested in contracts or lengthy league rules or an overabundance of categories. Looking for a committed group that is in for a good...