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Recent content by chiefs2929

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    LOL @ Mathew Berry

    I actually like Berry and read all his stuff. but still, hate list and he goes for 52+ pts depending on league rules.
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    LOL @ Mathew Berry

    Berry had Dougie Martin on his hate list this week. Classic
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    TNF - MIN vs TB

    I Love Dougie :jawdrop:
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    U Mad Bro? Tweet Ownage

    Oh boy.. just a little racism on shermans part
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    Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups

    Josh Gordon. I just put in a claim for Gronk in one league lol
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    Trent Richardson

    Trent Richardson is a top 5 back every week for the next 5 years barring injury. Those who do not believe so do not own him.
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    Are we missing the birth of the next graham/gronkowski

    Well I hope so! I need more weeks like this last one
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    Play of the Week

    I hope you are right. He's in my lineup. Although I don't expect any more than 6-7 pts.
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    Any comments on Eric Berry

    If you watched the game he was pass rushing a lot. I believe the loss of Hali for that game was forcing Berry to pass rush. This next week should be different with Hali back in the lineup.
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    No love for Blair Walsh?

    The dude killed it last week. He had a stellar preseason. His offense is playing the Colts this week and still no love. All of the "professional" rankers have him way down the line. What gives?
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    Week 2 Waiver Wire picks

    Explain where Jordy Nelson hurt his knee???
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    Expect the same results from Cobb as Ogletree this week?

    Who would you be starting him ovER?
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    Expect the same results from Cobb as Ogletree this week?

    No. SF's DB's aren't high school backup DB's
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    Why is there still racism with black qbs?

    black QB's are built differently, that's why theres no comparison
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    Romo looks top 5 to me

    No, The only way they will be successful is if they feed Murray the ball. If the coaches don't give him touches they will lose. Plus the Giants DB's are HORRIBLE. They blew countless coverages