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    League is full

    I sent you a PM!
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    League is full

    This is a redraft league, called the USFL tribute league. All teams must be named after a USFL team from the mid 80’s League link: league scoring: league setting and bylaws...
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    $100 Redraft, Superflex, MFL, Leaguesafe, live online draft 8/21

    Hey everyone, After some consideration and being nudged by an owner or two, I’ve decided to potentially start a new league. This will be a Superflex league which for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a 2 QB start league. This should really shake up the draft compared to most of my...
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    Any PPR football league openings?

    I only have the opening in the live auction left. Payment deadline is today and the one unpaid owner has opted out. It’s not a keeper league at all. Live auction on Labor Day, September 6th. 6 pm ET. 
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    League is filled

    League is filled
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    Any PPR football league openings?

    I have openings in two of my leagues. The cost for each is $75. All money is paid out except for the $70 MFL league fee. The first is a slow draft beginning on August 29th.  Football Addicts:
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    $75 Live Auction league,

    I have one opening for my live auction league. The cost is $75 and the auction will be held on Saturday August 20th at 8pm ET. All funds are held in Leaguesafe. The payment deadline is August 1st. We will hold the auction on ESPN but the league will be run on MFL. It's a PPR league with a bonus...