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    Re-Draft League has one opening

    Thanks to all who applied. A new team owner has been selected. Chris the Commish
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    Re-Draft League has one opening

    Internet Re-draft league, now in it's 12th year of fantasy football, is looking for one experienced person to fill a team vacancy. You are allowed to keep up to 4 players per year for up to 3 years. 1 keeper, lose 1st round pick, 2 keepers lose 1st & 2nd round picks, etc. Standard scoring...
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    SNAFU League Opening

    Fantasy football league with long history is looking to fill one team owner vacancy. The SNAFU League is in its 12th year! It is a free league (except for a $10.00 annual fee to help pay for the website). No money is awarded, but you will be trash talked, belittled for picking too slow in the...