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"Tony Clifton throws bulls eyes...when he talks people should shut up and listen. His Wisdom breeds champions"- Iowa Players Yahoo League Champion Reginald Cornsilks
2010 - Hooters Invitational - I really like my chances here

2009 - Harrah's Platinum Charter Member Dynasty - Champion - Straight Cash Homie

2008 - Hooters Invitational - Runner Up - The Rick Romos

2007 - Savage Nation Dynasty League - Champion - "The Change"

2006 - Uncle Wally's Big Buns Keeper League - 3rd Place - "Butter Cheeks"

2005 - VFW - Redraft - Cheated out of championship by rogue commissioner

2005 - Knights of Columbus - Redraft - Champion - "Our Country"

2004 - Savage Nation Dynasty League - Champion - "4 More Years"

*Cliff's Notes is a work of non-fiction although at times names, locations and situations may be slightly altered to protect both the innocent and the guilty.