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    Training Camp news/injuries/etc.

    My guess is that maybe the Giants go sign one of the old vets that are still out on the wire. Maybe a Kenny Phillips return? Kerry Rhodes? Quentin Mikell?
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    Upcoming MFL position changes

    Ware was redesignated to DE a while back
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    JJ Watt

    And FWIW, same exact draft Banemorth is talking about where he took Watt 11th overall I took JPP 33rd overall although I'm in a different conference than he is so it was a separate draft in the same league (basically 2 16 team leagues with separate player pools that are combined to form one 32...
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    Jason Babin released by Eagles.

    and claimed by the Jags. Any value at all there?
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    Darius Butler

    Davis is out again at least for this week so Butler and Vaughn should both be starting for at least one more week. My guess though is Butler will hold the job over Vaughn unless he stumbles once Davis is back.
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    Kuechly is a beast

    Speaking of rookie beasts, Bobby Wagner's been one as well since taking over the every down gig
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    Karlos Dansby Questionable

    anybody got info on his status for this week
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    They should both be good but give me the man in the middle.
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    Pat Angerer

    Choose Angerer over Hawk. Riley's a closer call. Probably roll Riley if you're talking single season and Angerer longer term but both should be good for both formats
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    F/A pick ups Week 7

    Anybody got any sleepers to pick up in deeper leagues where dudes like that are miles away from the waiver wire? I'm talking minimum rosters will take up 80 LBs, 80 DBs, 48 DLs plus every rookie that's pretty much on an NFL roster is on a taxi squad. Dig deep boys. I'm ready for some serious...
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    **Attention Projections Staff**

    I know you can find the assisted tackles info you're talking about over at the website. It's probably buried somewhere here in these boards too.
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    Saints trade for Barrett Ruud

    Probably not much chance of him being a 3-down player though if/when Lofton and Hawthorne are healthy
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    Top 10 KR/PR IDP's looking at 2013

    Might help his value if he gets some offensive snaps too. PR only doesn't do much for the stat line. Gotta do both no?
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    Rookie linebackers

    Scoring systems definitely play a factor but at least in the tackle heavy format I play in I list them as follows:1 - Kuechly (hard to deny him the top spot no matter how you break it down)2 - Wagner (it's close between spots 2-4 but at least that's where I put my money down when I drafted him...
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    Lavonte David (WLB for the Bucs)

    This was exactly the type of conversation I was hoping to get going. Great stuff from everyone really. Keep it going guys. I'm looking for anything and everything good or bad about all three of these guys. Pretty much everything I see so far on all 3 of them is good and I for one am...