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Chargers Football!


12 team dynasty keeper w/IDP
San Diego Leaf Blowers
QB - RIvers, R Wilson, T Pryor, Mallet, Glennon
RB - Gore, G Bernard, Woodhead, Ellington
WR - V Jackson, A Jeffrey, A Boldin, Hartline
TE - Gates, Gronk
K - Hauschka
DL - Hatcher, C Jones, C Johnson
LB - Dansby, Laurintis, Ogletree, P Riley, D Ryans
CB/S - L Landry, B Pollard, R Harper

(KFFL) Colts QB Peyton Manning remains in contact with former NFL QB Ryan Leaf who is currently an assistant football coach at West Texas A&M. Manning said, "He sends me a weekly text message of how their team is doing. They're 10-0. I'm happy to see he's back in football and he seems to be happy....then I tell him he still sucks."