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Apr 1, 1963 (Age: 61)
Columbus, OH


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I feel like Joe is to this place what Old Testament God was to humanity.

He created it, he took an active interest in it, and from time-to-time would speak directly to its residents and even take actions to influence things that happened here.

Then, as time went by, he would engage only through carefully selected emissaries, and even then on very rare occasions.

Today, it feels like he's gone away completely and many people doubt he ever existed at all. Most who once shared a meaningful connection with him know he still exists but don't believe he takes an interest in our daily affairs. But a faithful few keep faith that he is out there and will one day return, bringing with him the hopes of a great season for all.
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However, once I was handed the ball and saw the opening I ran to daylight. Not because I knew what I was doing, I just loved the sunshine on my face.
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I swing the bathroom door open with a flourish and step out sideways into the main room where the hot tub is. She turns around and sees me and I go to spin 90 degrees and swing the Legend into a head-on attack position when it happens.

As I spin into position (I'm nothing if not a showman) - the cigarette I had lit and had in my mouth hits the door frame, ever so slightly. Just hard enough to knock the cherry off of it, which falls..............................down...................... I see it............wait..........................oh no..............................


It lands right on the head of my ####, direct hit. A laser guided cruise missile couldn't have been more accurate. It took a split second with the sound of burning flesh in my ears before I kind of half screamed/half yelped in agony and began spinning around in circles in a blind panic. Just then, my eyes settle on a glass of ice water that my GF had poured herself, so instinctually, I grabbed it and jammed my rapidly deflating column of love into it. The odd sensation I felt was not that of relief, but of even more intense burning. That's when I realized I had just ####ed her vodka on the rocks.
A 30 year old mother has offered to make me enchiladas later this week. I'm breaking several rules on this, but I really like Mexican food.
We weren't supposed to discuss this. At all. God, I should have stopped you from huffing all that airbrush propellant.
I will tackle a female midget with a handicap if that's what it takes to win. I will steal a car from Russian Mob bosses and sleep with their wives if that's what separates me from first and second. I will yell, scream, bite, scratch, crawl, and kick to the groin in order to survive one more round. I may not be much - in fact, I'm bit TOO much in parts - but I am a survivor. I don't know how to quit and I'd rather pass a kidney boulder than lose. Shuke?
You gonna eat the rest of those fries?
so here i was, a fugitive from justice, riding in a stolen Continental with two slabs o jailbait & a serial killer.