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    WR Christian Watson, GB

    Another TD. The new Cris Carter.
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    WR Christian Watson, GB

    Six TDs in the last three games. Not bad, young fella.
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    WR Christian Watson, GB

    Off to a great start !
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    When is Daniel Snyder going to be relieved of his duties as an owner and forced to sell?

    Long overdue to get a horrible human being out of the NFL.
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    RB James Cook, BUF

    Nyheim Hines will now become the Bills' passing down RB.
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    RB Elijah Mitchell, SF

    The Niners might do likewise.
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    Exploit/Avoid Week 2

    As always, great work MOP . Agree on the Nyheim Hines exploit with Pittman out.
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    Official #1 pick PPR 12 team redraft

    Hey MOP, good to hear from you. Agree with much of your analysis; was thinking along the same lines prepping for my draft. Was thrilled to get CeeDee and Tyreek at the 2/3 turn. Thought I would get Tyreek or Deebo (who was strangely dropping in ADP), but had no idea I would get Lamb...
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    Official #1 pick PPR 12 team redraft

    I know what you mean about RBs that used to be available at the turn. The guys that I would have considered (Saquon, Javonte, Fournette, Connor) were gone by pick 23. All the more reason for me to go WR-WR at the turn. Mark Andrews went at 2.04. No way in hell was I taking Zeke at 3.01.
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    Official #1 pick PPR 12 team redraft

    Okay, I'll chime in. In a 30-year old half-point PPR League, so I sort of know the tendencies of many of our GMs. I planned on Taylor at 1.01, and then was going to double up on stud WRs at the 2-3 turn. I knew Josh Allen/Pat Mahomes/Justin Herbert would go early, so I wanted a mobile QB...
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    2022 Philadelphia Eagles - Hurts’ 12 rushing yards propel him to 380 passing yards, 74% comp, 3 TD, 0 INT, 130.3 passer rating.

    Seems like Sermon would be tailored-made for the old "Howard" role from last year.
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    RB Trey Sermon, PHI

    Sermon claimed off waivers by the Eagles.