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    DeMeco Ryans injuries revealed

    The NFL Network just announced that he is active and left it at that. I'm rolling the dice...
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    **Discuss Field Conditions in Pittsburgh Here**

    I'm concerned. I will be benching Palmer in favor of Anderson this week :shrug: In the league that I have FWP, my only other options are Edge, Kevin Jones, or Thomas Jones...that one has me puzzled...
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    Troy Brown

    If you're wondering about the value of Troy Brown, I fear you may have already lost in the league that inspired this inquiry... He's 100% worthless :thumbup:
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    Stephen Gostkowski, PK, NE

    He's not in the top 5 in any of my leagues, but you can't complain about 5-6 guaranteed points from your kicker every week...
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    Could NE`s only real opponant be

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    Proof that Shaun Alexander

    I like the parts with Leonard Weaver and Maurice Morris the best, they looked 10x faster than Alexander...
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    Big, Fast WRs like Moss/Owens

    Most DB's that are big and fast like TO or Moss become WR's...
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    Point Block Strategy - Does it actually Work?

    The "Cancel Out" theory doesn't work, quit trying to prove that it does. You should start the players that will get you the most points, regardless of your opponents lineup...
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    Ricky is back

    He's not in the pool yet, I believe he will be this coming Thursday...if not sooner.
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    Ricky Williams

    Except now they're upping Priest's carries to 25 a game and I see no value in Smith unless he gets hurt. LJ is also not done for the season and by deep benches, I mean deep. Right now I have SJax, Edge, ADP, Brandon Jacobs, Kolby Smith & Maurice Morris to go along with a bunch of WR's that...
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    Ricky Williams

    I'll be dropping Kolby Smith for him ASAP =) I like having deep benches.
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    So who is starting Lee Evans with confidence this week? :)

    With the way NE scores, wouldn't it be a decent idea to consider that BUF will have to throw allot and he should at least get a ton of looks with Losman at QB. I know his past performances haven't been good at all but it wasn't just NE that was causing it, he was stinking up the joint in...
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    Sean Taylor out a few weeks

    Rotoworld 11/12/07: