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  • EMoney, saw your post about NCAA FF and that you use USports. It looks like they aren't hosting leagues this year. Any idea of other NCAA sites similar?

    Hey saw your post about 3 dynasty team owners needed. I am more than interested and i am committed and religious about my fantasy teams. i have been looking to join a dynasty league because i cannot get enough people to seriously committ. please get back to me thanks i appreciate it. i will take over whatever team is available.

    Just saw the post for needing 3 dynasty owners for a dispersal draft. I am very interested and have been playing dynasty fantasy football in one league for roughly 22 years. Dynasty football is beginning to explode on the net now, so I'm trying to find additional online leagues as I can't find local owners outside of the 12 that are in my league that has been going for the 22 years spoken above. I'm wanting to manage additional teams, saw your set up, and would be happy to fill...

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