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  1. ericttspikes

    WR Marquise Brown, ARZ

    I was thinking if they were 75% they would play in a must win divisional game vs. the 9ers too. Gotta be tanking at this point. Zero urgency. Guess Kliff knows he’s gone and doesn’t care.
  2. ericttspikes

    WR Marquise Brown, ARZ

    This take of "holding out Kyler and Brown for another week because the bye is coming up" is weird. I mean, they'll probably do just that, it's the Cards, but are they looking at the standings? Seems like after the bye they'll probably have nothing to play for. Might as well rest them up til next...
  3. ericttspikes

    QB Justin Fields, CHI

    Really no way of assessing his development as a passer with the lack of WR talent on the Bears. I’d imagine Field’s would look ok passing if he was still throwing to Olave and Wilson.
  4. ericttspikes

    WR George Pickens, PIT

    The only question I have for Pickens in dynasty is if Pickett will be good.
  5. ericttspikes

    WR Darius Slayton, NYG

    Not a lot of talk on Slayton for ROS. Giants O runs through Barkley, but Slayton is last man standing at WR on a playoff caliber team. Has been producing recently. Not a lot on the waiver wire, but seems like he's a decent add for WR desperate teams down the stretch. They get DET, MIN, and WAS 2x.
  6. ericttspikes

    Gimme 3 bands...

    Kyuss is probably well known, but I have no idea how they didn't completely blow up in the 90's. Way better than most of the band's of that era.
  7. ericttspikes

    Gimme 3 bands...

    The Dexateens are one of my favorite band’s that never made it. Tuscaloosa’s finest. Started out with punky southern rock and morphed into alt-country-ish. All good. Saw them open for the Meat Puppets and thought they blew the Puppets away that night, and I love the Meat Puppets. High energy...
  8. ericttspikes

    ______ Passed Away Today, RIP

    Kind of ironic that the day after the Ukraine army liberates Kherson, known for their watermelons, Gallagher dies. RIP.
  9. ericttspikes

    Stock Thread

    The stock market is stupid.
  10. ericttspikes

    TNF on Amazon Prime ****Atlanta @ Carolina**** (+2.5, 41.5).

    I'm trying to figure that out too. Only have the Saints and ATL D's, neither doing great so a coin flip. Trying to figure out the weather angle here. Could be a really conservative game; low risk passes and runs or a fumble fest. Don't have a good feel for which one.
  11. ericttspikes

    Streaming or currently airing TV shows (AKA Netflix thread)

    Andor is great. My favorite thing on TV right now. Wish they’d make more than 24 episodes.
  12. ericttspikes

    RB Zamir White, LV

    So he's a drop in redraft, right?
  13. ericttspikes

    Star Wars Universe

    But you also have to watch 20 episodes of Narcos: Mexico to really get it.
  14. ericttspikes

    RB Zamir White, LV

    Everything I've read is it's more likely that the Raiders just run Josh into the ground and keep White fresh. I've kept a roster spot for Zamir in redraft but trying to figure this out. Not sure he's worth a hold or not at this point.
  15. ericttspikes

    Concerts thread - FBG's lovin' live music, we're back in action!

    15 years ago. My wife and I owned a graphic design studio in this Mayberry-ish town, Wheaton, Illinois. and met 2 brothers who owned a video editing shop down the street. The Ronne brothers, Eric and Oed. In getting to know them find out Oed was a guitarist in a 90’s band band called The Ocean...