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  1. gman8343

    Ryan Broyles

    Why is Titus Young more injury prone than Broyles? I don't see either as being injury prone in particular, but I'd think Broyles, coming off a major knee injury, would be the one thought of as having potential health issues at this point. Also, I think you have to take into consideration that...
  2. gman8343

    CUT DOWN DAY - 2012

    Wow, all three of these guys were being touted as sleepers at one point, and Miami is desperate for WRs. Doesn't bode well for these guys that they couldn't make the team with the worst WR corps in the league.
  3. gman8343

    Robert Turbin RB

    I like Sea-Hulk way more than Turbinator. Like Turbin's long term prospects but I think patience will be required for him unless Lynch has a major injury.
  4. gman8343

    Give Me Your All Bust Team - Top 75 ADP

    really? Poor form man.
  5. gman8343

    Giants info from a trainer

    Smith is actually an interesting comparison. I agree that Smith was never elite, but he had (has?) terrific hands and ran great routes. If Jernigan can build that kind of trust from Eli maybe he could develop into a ppr option. IIRC Smith is a couple of inches taller than Jernigan, not that...
  6. gman8343

    Giants info from a trainer

    Cruz was on my list of questions last year but he didn't get to it. :shrug:Jernigan wasn't this year -- maybe I'm biased but I don't see him as a difference maker at this level. I don't view him as anything more than a journeyman type talent who'll probably be the 3rd/4th WR on a team at best...
  7. gman8343

    Giants info from a trainer

    :lmao: 68% chance of this being exactly how it goes down.
  8. gman8343

    Giants info from a trainer

    Yeah, there's nothing really groundbreaking about this info, but I figured it may be a bit helpful as I've heard some people suggesting the Giants will go back to a running team, which doesn't seem to be the case at this point. And certainly the trainer appears to be wearing rose colored glasses...
  9. gman8343

    Giants info from a trainer

    So… my father-in-law gets together with one of the Giants trainers every so often and I implore him to shoot some fantasy related questions his way. I think they both get a kick out of humoring me. Nothing spectacular here, and this isn’t a coach, it’s just a trainer, so the info may not be how...
  10. gman8343

    2012 Offseason Dynasty Trades

    As much as I love Rice, I like that haul for him.
  11. gman8343


    He wasn't yet.
  12. gman8343

    Giants info

    One last thing, not really a specific on the Giants, but the trainer was talking about the Eagles and Cowboys and their offenses and how prolific they could be this season. Those are the types of offenses that are winning rings right now, and he was of the mind that that should continue for a...
  13. gman8343

    Giants info

    My father-in-law is friendly with Giants trainer. Every once in a while they get together, and I give him some fantasy related questions to ask him. Keep in mind this is not a coach talking, there's nothing guaranteed about this info, it's just a trainer's opinion, but maybe it provides some...
  14. gman8343

    2011 offseason dynasty trades

    12 team ppr A gave Joe Flacco, Jonathon Stewart, 1.04 B gave Ray Rice, Matt Ryan
  15. gman8343

    2011 offseason dynasty trades

    12 team ppr: A gave: Knowshawn Moreno B gave: Shonne Greene, '12 1st