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You already live in a socialist country but it is also still capitalist and both parties are complicit. Most of this political game is smoke and mirrors and our reactions to the horse race of presidential candidates plays right into the decline of the republic. In all cases from the history of the world, the rapid growth of the republic and the creation of a vast inequalities in wealth were key factors that undermined the republic and allowed the rule of the tyrant. Rome was undone by its aristocrats, their estates a siphon on the commonweal, not a sustainer, and as the responsibilities of the republic grew the resources of the republic quietly slipped under aristocratic not public control. Res publica -- the very word is a Roman invention -- the "public wealth" or the "common wealth". America is not a bunch of a stitched together private property that somehow functions as a concerted nation-state. It is a common-wealth based on wealth derived from a symbiosis of public and private wealth. Neglect this balance and you weaken the republic -- get over your candidate and get focused on the real issues that confront your nation. No subsidy whether for rich or poor is a good or bad policy in itself but only can be judged according to maintain the public-private balance which is what makes our nation strong. The politics of self-interest that you read here must be balanced by the politics of self-sacrifice. - Luke Kornbluh

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves - Bertrand de Jouvenel



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