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    Rams vs Panthers - Week 1

    Step away from the panic zone.  It’s only the first half of week 1.
  2. Helmet Head

    PPR Dynasty Teams Available: 30 Year League! If you are an active owner, this is the League for you!

    IHey. I’m definitely interested and active. Been plying since 1993. 
  3. Helmet Head

    Otto Neu - Football

    I am looking to possibly start a new Otto Football League.  If you don't know about Otto, it is a fantasy site that has been involved in fantasy baseball for a number of years and jumped into fantasy football a few years ago.  You can draft college players, take part in arbitration, and use your...
  4. Helmet Head

    Chicago at Green Bay game thread

    I hope so.  Not a fan...
  5. Helmet Head

    Question Regarding FA Salary in New Auction League

    Much appreciated.  Thanks!
  6. Helmet Head

    Question Regarding FA Salary in New Auction League

    Hi Everyone, After many, many years, our redraft league is switching from a snake draft to an auction format.  I have a couple of questions. 12 Team PPR Redraft League with 17 players per roster (9 starters and 8 bench). What would you recommend the salary cap be for the draft as well as...
  7. Helmet Head

    Auction League Help

    Hey Everyone, The first league I played in began in 1993 and it is still active.  With the exception of the first year, which consisted of an auction draft, it has been a redraft snake draft league.  However, this year, I am changing it back to an auction league, but it will remain a redraft...
  8. Helmet Head

    CBS Sportsline

    Does anyone know when CBS Sportsline will go live for their 2018 fantasy football season? Thanks much! HH
  9. Helmet Head

    Drop TMQB Chargers and Pick Up:

    12 Team 1 PPR Redraft League. Looking to see what you think about me dropping TMQB Chargers to pick up off waivers one of the following: Bengals, Browns, Rams, Texans, Bills, Jaguars, 49ers. My other TMQB is Buccaneers. Should I stay put or make a move?  Thoughts? Thanks Much! HH
  10. Helmet Head

    Site for Fantasy Basektball

    Nice.  Thanks.
  11. Helmet Head

    Site for Fantasy Basektball

    Thanks much.  I was checking out their site last night.  Looks really good. HH
  12. Helmet Head

    Site for Fantasy Basektball

    Thanks, but the link indicates they're out of business.
  13. Helmet Head

    Site for Fantasy Basektball

    Looking for a quality site like FB, but for fantasy basketball.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?   Thanks much! HH
  14. Helmet Head

    Mike Evans or Michael Thomas 1PPR

    1 PPR Redraft League. Who would you rather have as one of your WR?  I have Thomas, but might have a chance to get Evans in a trade. I have Jameis Winston as one of my QBs.   Thoughts?