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  1. Here's Johnny

    Who to Drop

    Henderson for sure. The Rams are now a five headed monster.
  2. Here's Johnny

    Rest of Season Tight End

    PPR Taysom Hill Dalton Schultz Greg Dulcich Thanks
  3. Here's Johnny

    Hail Mary Trade?

    Funny thing, the guy who offered it is now trying to back out after Hurt's huge day and Jacobs' bust. I think it's a done deal, done in the knick of time!
  4. Here's Johnny

    Hail Mary Trade?

    12 Team ppr Record 3-4 Current RB's Jacobs,, Walker, D Cook, Hunt, Rachaad White Current WR's Lamb, Evans, Waddle, Olave, A Cooper Current QB: Rodgers Trade Rodgers and Jacobs for Hurts and Kahlil Herbert? Thanks
  5. Here's Johnny

    What will Dak's status be Sunday even if he does not play?

    In our league we can place any inactve player on IR. We have one QB, Dak, and a short bench. Our cut would be Rashad White, but we don't want to cut him if Dak is inactive. Does anyone know what Dak's status will be even if he does not play?
  6. Here's Johnny

    Offered Fournette for Lamb or Waddle

    2RB, 2WR, Flex
  7. Here's Johnny

    Offered Fournette for Lamb or Waddle

    12 team ppr. Current RB's Cook, Jacobs, Hunt. Current WR's Evans, Lamb, Waddle, Cooper, Olave. Should I do it and which WR Lamb or Waddle? Thanks
  8. Here's Johnny

    ROS Pitts or Wilson JR

    With the emergence of London, and questions at QB in Atlanta, I would keep Wilson and Everett.
  9. Here's Johnny

    2 qb league How much is Jimmy G worth?

    $75 waiver budget we have Jackson and Tannehill and Brissett. We will use Brissett during bye weeks 6 and 10. Jimmy will probably cost $15-20. Is he worth going after of not?
  10. Here's Johnny

    Must drop 2; who should they be

    Claypool and Al O. Don't give up on Lockette.
  11. Here's Johnny

    Dynasty: Trade Hurts .. Smash Accept?

    I don't play dynasty, but I do know that a 1st round pick is very valuable. If this is not a 2qb or a sf league then you have Mahomes, and you should be fine. I think Hurts could be a top 3 QB so you may be able to get more for him later.
  12. Here's Johnny

    Week 2 trade

    12 team ppr. We have Dak. RB's Dalvin, Jacobs, Hunt, Walker. Waiver wire: Fields, Wentz, Ryan, Winston, Offer Hunt for Akers and Carr. Would you do it?
  13. Here's Johnny

    WDIS Week 1

    I like Lockette. C Pat is boom bust, but Lockette has a steady role. He does not score td's though.
  14. Here's Johnny

    Who would you rather have / gamble on (Sky or Jameson) or plan C

    Roll the dice with Williams. Hopefully he is back after week 4, but he has upside. Moore? Who knows. He could be the next Tyreek Hill, he could be the next Hardman. I am betting against him being the next Hill.