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    Which WR to sit

    Tough choice. I’d probably lean Allen, thinking Browns can get most pressure and limit most long tds.  Thx
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    Mixon, Carter or Javonte ppr

    Mixon set to play but how healthy,  Javonte has put up better numbers than Carter, but Carter has a nice matchup with Falcons, thx
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    Who to start?

    Blue with Miller out and NE is top option for week in my opinion.  Thamks
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    Semifinal: Weird Scoring 1.0 PPR 0.5 Points per Rushing Attempt

    Think your choices are spot on, with exception of QB, I just don't think Kap has the talent that Stafford does.  Thanks
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    Rex burkhead

    I have Hill as well but not Farrow, I'd go Burkhead if no Hill, but I have no idea if Hill plays, could be wise to stay away from Bengals with no Eifert, no Green
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    Pick a flex

    Have to like any rb vs Clev
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    Defense - Chargers, Giants or Rams?

    Chargers for me
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    Week 16 WR's

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    Roll with Hill or waiver wire

    Jeremy Hill (ppr flex) worries me with knee, I can go with Doug Martin or Malcolm Mitchell especially since opponent has Brady, but wonder if Eli Rodgers or Taylor Gabriel might be better, could get Burkhead if Hill is out, but I don't think that happens, thanks, will help as well.  Good luck.
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    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Took Powell out on Thursday night for Rawls, intended to put Powell in over Diggs if no Forte, Forte "active" thus all of Powells 27 points sits wasted on my bench
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    Too many options. Can't figure out who to sit.

    Watkins and Powell if Forte sits (still think he does)
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    Help with flex spot, McKinnon, Cobb, Cooks, Crowell, Olsen, Booker?

    I'd go Cooks, hoping Thomas plays and takes Peterson coverage
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    Defense help

    Houston easily for me
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    Andrew Luck or Andy Dalton?