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    Need 1 for $50 League -

    Redraft - No keepers League Page with rules Standard Lineup 9 starters 1-Def 1-K 1-QB 1-2 RB 1-2 TE 2-4 WR Typical 1 pt/10 yd rush rec, 1 pt per 20 yd pass, 1 pt per 2 rec Click link above for all rules and regulations Email me
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    Need 1 player for IDP Dynasty

    I need one player to take over a $25 IDP dynasty team. I will pay the fee, so I get the first $25 in winnings back, but owner gets any other winnings. The league has rookie draft 8/25, free agent auction is ebay style - 60 players pre-submitted to sell in one minute intervals this sunday 8/26...
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    Need 1 for Birmingham, AL league

    We have one opening in a local league in Birmingham $30 auction Fri 9/9 in Hoover Pretty rowdy draft, not for the easily offended or politically correct crowd Email me or PM
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    5-6 people looking for a league, yours or theirs

    I have 5-6 people who are looking for a league in a particular format. They prefer to play in the league they were in and have someone join them, but I think they will play anywhere. I am just playing broker for them trying to find them a spot. They have already turned down standard formats so...
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    Auction Dynasty

    $50 auction Dynasty Salary Cap salary and contract based on bid extendable contracts w/ salary increase Rookie draft and free agent auction 9/29 1 D 1 K 1 QB 1 TE 1-2 RB 3-4 WR plus 1 player who is KR and gets points for KR yardage added League rules League scoring rules Email me
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    $100 Redraft League Openings

    We had a $200 league that we didn't get off the ground this year when a couple of guys had to be out of pocket for draft. A few others then got something else, but there are 5-6 of them who really want me to see if we can maybe pull a $100 league (I told them no way we could fill $200 this late)...
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    Dynasty League w/ staying Power

    Tired of joining a new dynasty league every year? So many look so good in their original concept until you get to the 2nd or 3rd year and you can't replace the really bad teams. And let's face it, there will be bad teams every year. You have to give bad teams an opportunity to rebuild to keep...
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    New 2 Keeper League

    just one slot left
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    New 2 Keeper League

    Draft starts 8/23. Starting lineups will consist of 9 players at the following positions: Position Minimum Maximum Defense/ST 1 1 Place Kicker 1 1 Quarterback 1 1 Running Back 1 2 Tight End 1 2 Wide Receiver 2 4 TD all 6 pt Yardage Pts per Yd Increment Passing 1 20 yds Combined...
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    Redraft league

    $200 Draft League 9/2 draft Expanded Lineup for the serious player Tired of same old draft with nothing but RBs taken in first round. This structure brings more importance to the QB position. Starting lineups will consist of 12 players at the following positions: Position Minimum Maximum...
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    good team available in 8-10 player keeper

    $25 fee live online rookie draft slow free agent draft keep up to 8 veteran players plus 2 on rookie contracts salary/contracts assigned by draft position contracts can be extended each year with salary increase 15 year-old league with several original owners available players DEF PHI...
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    Auction Keeper League Opening

    Have 1-2 openings in 5 existing auction keeper leagues all have salaries/contracts based on sale price (or rookie draft slot if applicable) with contracts extendable with increase in salary that is based on player's performance (ranking from previous year). these leagues are built to last and...
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    2 openings in 6-player keeper

    the above league is now full, but here are 2 openings in another 6-keeper league 2 good teams available in $25 10-team keeper league (3rd team - 2 time champ would be available for group of 3 people looking for teams) keep up to 6 veteran keepers + 2 keepers on rookie contracts Salary Cap /...
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    2 needed for 12-team Redraft

    Slow online draft to start 8/21 $150.00 to Fantasy Bowl Champion $55.00 to Fantasy Bowl Runner-up $20.00 to 3rd place in playoffs $10.00 to 4th place in playoffs $25.00 to Regular Season Overall Champion $20.00 to Regular Season Scoring Champion $10.00 for 1st highest score each week of...
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    2 openings in 6-player keeper

    now just 1 good team available in $25 10-team 6-keeper league QB PIT Ben Roethlisberger RB OAK Darren McFadden RB BAL Ray Rice TE PHI Brent Celek WR GB Greg Jennings WR CHI Johnny Knox WR PHI Jeremy Maclin League Rules Scoring Rules Email me league now filled, see below for new openings